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How long does the transfer process take?

The process of a title or deed transfer varies based on your ownership. The process does not start until you have sent us all required documentation. You will receive a welcome packet in the mail 14 to 21 days after signing the contract that will outline what is required of you as a client.

Do I have to keep my maintenance fees current?

Yes, you are required to keep all dues, assessments, and maintenance fees current on your account during the transfer process, unless otherwise directed by our offices.

What if I am behind on my maintenance fees?

If you do fall behind, we can recommend possibilities to you on how to proceed. When the account goes into a collection status it does make the process more complex, but you do still have options.

Why do you need a deed from me?

We need the deed or certificate of ownership to confirm that details of what you own, and to ensure that the correct ownership is being transferred. Updates, title changes, and incorrect information can extend the transfer time if not presented correctly to the resort for transfer.

How do I obtain my ownership documents?

Typically, you can request a copy of your ownership documents from your resort or vacation ownership office. Another option for that information is the county clerk in the county that you own, but this does not apply in all circumstances.

Can I use my ownership during the transfer process?

Using your ownership during the transfer process varies based on your resort. We are happy to discuss this further. Give our offices a call at 417-714-4801.

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