Our Solutions: We specialize in low-cost/high-value elite membership programs that enhance the shared ownership experience, allow owners to keep their vacation ownerships and utilize them to their fullest potential.

Maintenance Fee/Club Fee Relief

Enjoy award-winning, honest, and exclusive solutions that provide maintenance fee and club fee relief when you need it. We’ve paid over $65 Million to offset maintenance fees and club fees!

Loyalty Rewards

Our award-winning same-as-cash loyalty rewards have been referred to as “the world’s most valuable loyalty system”. We reward our customers with valuable, honest, same-as-cash loyalty rewards redeemable for meaningful items, including actual cash!

Travel Services and Special Services

Enjoy additional exclusive benefits, and comprehensive travel options backed by the world’s most generous best-price-guarantees.

About Us

Allied Solution Group has redefined integrity in the shared ownership industry by providing services that increase satisfaction with ownership, provide honest options for maintenance fee/club fee relief, and provide owners with a multitude of award-winning options not offered through any other company.

Serviced by A+ rated, award-winning
partners, in business since 1993

Over 40 years of experience in the timeshare industry

Honest, measurable value, to increase satisfaction and keep owners in their timeshares